Examples of Effective Persuasive Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Examples of Effective Persuasive Essay Analysis and Evaluation

We bet you rarely think of the intricacies of the grading process once you start working on the persuasive essay. The majority of students at https://snappyessays.com/select the topic, decide which side of the argument they are going to support, and write about that. Is that correct? Sure it is! But this makes persuasive essays trivial, and at times it may even cause reduction of the grade because of inability to address some challenges connected with persuasion in essay:

  1. Finding a proper topic for debating. No matter how simple it seems to choose the topic for a persuasive essay, it is not so evident! Once you select a topic in which one side is definitely overweighing the opposite one, you risk restating obvious things, which will make your essay dull. However, if you select a too complex and ethically challenging issue to consider, there is a risk of making unorthodox statements that not many people will support.
  2. Understanding both sides of the debate equally well. Persuading the audience in your standpoint is impossible without showing proper knowledge of both sides’ arguments. Once you show awareness and address each of the arguments with counter-arguments, your position becomes much stronger.
  3. Not addressing the reader’s concerns. Arguing one’s point is easy but ineffective; it is not enough to state, “I think so, so this is the truth.” To persuade the readers effectively, students should employ a variety of techniques, for instance that of weakening one’s own arguments or using the op-ed fragments in writing.

Check whether all this is in your essay and strengthen the persuasive touch by adding these elements into the writing process.


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